If there's anything I've learned in recent years it's that change is the only constant.

Change is terrifying and rejuvenating in equal measure. It disrupts us, makes us uncomfortable, leaves us naked, and unarmed, sometimes even forces us to start over again. 

I've come to recognize the reality that some of the best things in life are only temporary, which is a reality that kind of sucks. For much of my life I resisted change and I still do to an extent, but I'm getting better. I'm learning to embrace the flux of life. 

As I was thinking about titles for a blog, nothing seemed to fit until I started thinking about this concept of change. 

Metamorphosis is a process we learn about as kids in science classes in Elementary school. In the movie screen of our minds, we see a colorful butterfly breaking out of its cocoon for the first time and majestically flying off into the horizon. Sometimes I wish we could get a glimpse into the tiny little brain of a Caterpillar. Imagine crawling around on the same pile of dirt for your entire life, taking a nice long nap, and then waking up hanging in midair...oh-- and you have wings now. Would you not be a little bit traumatized?

I was a geology major for a while and I think I came to the conclusion that my favorite type of rocks are metamorphic. It's terribly hard to identify their composition at times because over millions of years they've been pressed and headed. Heat and pressure again and again and again. Transformation happens and eventually they turn out to be quite beautiful, even if they went through Hell and back. 

All of nature is in a state of change, humanity included. That change isn't always as orderly as we would like it to be. In fact, more often than not change is extremely messy, but there's something inherently cleansing and beautiful about it. 

Much of what I write about is a result of the ongoing process of change.