Lament: Part I

I am a real believer in pouring out one's heart to God...even the doubts and the anger. I do a little bit of that here. It is partially inspired by the book of Job, which is one of my favorite books in the Hebrew Bible. 

are you even listening?
when we weep, do you weep with us?

does your heart break
when our hearts break?
or do you observe from
the other side of the veil
and distance yourself?

have you ever cried yourself
asleep or drank too much
because you didn't want to think
about friends dying of cancer
and polar bears starving
in iceless lands?

tell me-- when was the last
time you felt helpless?
when was the last time quit

beliving in the goodness of humanity?

have you ever felt fear?
have you ever walked to your
car at night with your keys wedged
between your fingers?

have you ever seen the life
drain out of another human being?
watched them take their dying breaths?

have you ever professed your
love for another and been rejected?

have you ever longed so deeply
for the touch of another human being
that it almost hurt physically?