This is about exactly what it sounds like it's about.

you cross my mind
more than I'd care to admit
I think about what a great spouse
And father you would make

I can imagine resting in your arms
Laughing at your jokes
Even mourning the loss of our youth together

I try not to think of you often
I've tried to re-route my brain
Change my thought process
Avoid the inevitable

Because it hurts so much
Hurts knowing that I'll never
Get to show you how deeply I
Love and adore you

You're goofy in the most precious ways
Everything about you turns me on
From your laugh
To your hair
To the way your palms sweat
When you're nervous

I'm trying my best to just enjoy you
The time I have with you is precious
And even if I never get to love you
The way I long to, I'll never forget you

I'll never forget
The way fire ran through my being
The first time our bodies touched