The role of the Christian as I understood it growing up was this: love God and love other people in hopes that they will become Christians. If you share the “gospel” with them and love them and they still decide that they don't want to become a Christian, it’s out of your hands. However, if you don’t open your mouth and explain to them how Jesus died and rose again so they don’t have to go to Hell when they die, you’re taking a big risk. If they never hear the “gospel,” die in a car accident on the way home from school, and go to Hell, their blood is on your hands. This whole thing you're doing is "loving." It feels like much of “evangelism” is rooted in the simple mission of trying to get people to do something so they are in the right and don’t go to Hell. Pray a prayer. Accept Jesus into your heart. (Whatever that means.) And then once you do that you should…

Come to church Sunday. Join a small group. Start having a “quiet time” everyday. Serve at church. And then it’s your turn to go and “evangelize.”

(I put all of those terms in quotes above because I’m not quite sure how to define them anymore. I think they’d be defined differently by different people.)

I’m not hating on church, small groups, quiet times, serving, or evangelism. I just think it’s easy for people to be converted into a works based-righteousness. Showing them that they should be DOING something in order to be “in.”

Today I believe that the role of the Christian is something different than I used to believe.

I believe that Jesus calls us to love people right where they are, with no agenda. No trying to “convert” them. We simply love people for the sake of loving them and get to know them for the sake of knowing them. Simple as that.

I believe that God draws all people to Himself. (Because He said so.) GOD draws ALL people to Himself. HE does it. For ALL people. Without our help.

That’s all. No strings attached. No works-based righteousness. It’s all grace.

I believe that Jesus is bigger than the boxes we place him in, even bigger than this thing we call Christianity.

Drop the agendas. Simplify. And trust that Jesus will do what Jesus will do.It's quite liberating.